Part of a two-week solo trip summer of 2014.

Day 1

  • 10:30: Do the Free walking tour in the morning (mine started at 10:45)
  • 13:00: Go to Old Town for some food
  • 14:30: Go to Charles Bridge and take touristy photos
  • 15:00: Stop by the Lock Love Bridge and the John Lennon wall
  • 15:30: Go to the castle area and do castle things (Church of St. Nicholas, Golden Lane Castle)
  • 18:30: Go get some food
  • Recommendations: Lehka hlava (vegetarian); The Tavern (burgers – good fries; decent burgers)
  • 20:00: Head to either Old Town or New Town to see it at night.
  • 22:00 – whenever: go to sleep or go out

Day 2

  • 10:00: Go to Café Louvre for breakfast/brunch
  • 11:30: Go see the Astronomical Clock (watch it on the hour to see movement) and see Old Town during the day. Listen to some street performers
  • 13:00: Go up the fake Eiffel Tower (Petrin Tower) and get a good view of Prague (dependent on weather and don’t do the Maze)
  • 14:30: See the New Town
  • 16:30: Go see the ugly tower (Zizkov Tower) and pass by Café Akropolis
  • 18:30: Go get something to eat in the East side of Prague where it is super cheap
  • 20:00: See the Dancing house at night / Old Town / New Town
  • *try Absinthe at some point

Day 3 (if you have time)

  • See Vysehrad
  • Go to Kutna Hora (¾ of a day affair)
  • Go to the National Museum
  • Go to the center island
  • Go wander

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